Fishing Tackle Check List!!

Rod and Reel Combos

  • 1 Ultra Light 5’-6’ with 4-6lb test line
  • 1 Light-Medium 5’-6’ with 8-12lb test line
  • 1 Fly rod
  • Walleye
  • Pike and deeper trolling
  • If available

Extra reel & line is a smart idea. Pack rods properly for transportation. Vehicles eat rod tips.

For Walleye… What works!! Minnows and night crawlers are important!!!





Floating Jigs

  • 1/16 oz lead head jigs with 2" rubber tails
  • 1/8 oz lead head jigs with 3" rubber tails
  • 1/4 oz lead head jibs with 3" rubber tails
  • 1/2 oz lead head jigs with 3"-6" rubber tail
  • perch
  • #1 for walleye
  • little deeper
  • deep jigging
  • Rubber Tails

    • Main colors are yellow, white, green purple black pink and orange.
    • Bring a lot of split shot sinkers & snap swivels
    • We recommend using a spinner blade in front of jig and troll to locate walleye
    • The best all-round lure is a beetle spin, which is a basic jig with a spinner blade and rubber tail. You can make these up yourself with the above mentioned combos.

    For Example

    • Use a 1/8 oz jig with a spinner blade in front. The setup is 1-2 split shots 8-12" in front of a snap swivel. The jig is added along with a minnow or a night crawler. Troll very slow along the bottom in 8’-14’ of water. You will loose a few jigs on logs, rocks, etc. But hey! The walleye are on the bottom! If you’re not there, you will not catch any! Once you have located the active walleye, you can drop your jig to the bottom and reel up slightly. Set the hook once the walleye start tapping. Also try casting, letting the lure sink to the bottom and retrieving slowly. Prepare yourself for snags.
    • This technique is the most inexpensive method of walleye fishing. Jigs are cheaper than plugs.

    Good Plugs

    • Main colors are black, blue and orange
    • All Lake Erie Tackle
    • Floaters will work (get extra sinkers)
    • Thin Fins (diving)
  • Rapalas (diving-split 3"-6")
  • Cordel Wally Divers or suspending Wally Divers
  • * Any plug that will run in 8’-16’ should work.


    What works!

    • Large sucker minnows (live bait)
    • Johnson silver minnows
    • Doctor spoons Daredevils
    • 6"-8" Steel Leaders
    • Williams Wobblers (Walleye too)
    • Mepps Spinners
    • Most bass lure work
    • Cordell Ripplin Redfins
    • Flash is great! So are weedless lures!

    Jumbo Perch

    Lake Trout

    Brook Trout

    Small Mouth Bass

    • Lindy rigs
    • 1/16 oz jigs
    • Tons of night crawlers
    • Best time: July- September
    • Jigs, spoons & plugs that imitate bail fish
    • Colors: White, silver, gold and chartreuse
    • Fastrac minnow,
    • Pearl Bomber,
    • small Rapalas, Williams Whitefish/ Spinner Bait
    • Flies, jigs minnows, light Multi Blade spinners with worm
    • Crankbaits trolling, weighted body spinners ¼ - 3/8 oz
    • Small Rapalas,
    • Little Cleo (red-gold)
    • Mepps Spinners
    • Fly (Muddler Minnow)
    • Long A Bomber, Jigs, Popping Bug, Mepps 3, Bass Killer, Shad Rap or Rattlin Spot
    • Colors: Black, yellow, gold and chartreuse
    • Live worms