Air Ivanhoe - Fly-in fishing Ontario Canada  / Walleye and Pike on Remote Lakes
Fly in fishing action for Ontario Pike and Walleye! Great fishing just waiting for you in this area of Ontario. Just think of the action for these walleye and pike with Air Ivanhoe. Bear and Moose hunting available, we are just an hour from Chapleau Ontario .

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Phone:8 AM - 6 PM
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George and Jeanne Theriault
P.O. Box 99, Foleyet, Ontario Canada POM ITO.

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Canadian Fly-In Fishing Lodge

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Bush Camp


Biggs is rocky, spring fed lake in the hills adjacent to the Ivanhoe River. The lake has a good walleye population and some trophy northerns are taken each year. The cabin is on an island has 2 rooms and a screened porch. Boat and motors are provided on other lakes for fishing Walleye and northerns one of the lakes, called Spearmint has a cabin on it for your use.. This is the only camp on a beautiful lake. MAP


From the Dock

Min 4
Max 8



Air View Cabin Fsih Cleaning

SPEARMINT LAKE ( Portage Lake )

Spearmint Spearmint



All garbage is flown out of the bush so please have an adequate supply of heavy duty garbage bags.
Overweight charges are75 cents per pound and overloads are flown in at our discretion. On return flights to the seaplane base, the excess food or returnable cans and bottles will be flown out if they can be safely carried on the aircraft.
Parties in the bush are flown out when replacement party arrives at base. Parties wishing to alter prearranged flight days will be subject to an additional charge. Cabin parties arrive in the morning unless specified other in the brochure.
All fly in Packages include: Fly in and out, mid week check/service flight for parties on 7 day vacations. Cottage equiped for light housekeeping including propane refrigerator, 4 burner propane stiove with oven, propane lights, propane barbecue grill, wood burning stove for heat. All dishes including silverware, pot and pans, pilllows with pillow case, and mattresses with corner sheets. A boat and motor with all fuel is included for each two adults.

Guest needs: Food, sleeping bag, axe with small saw, fishing/hunting license ( we sell ), first aid kit, all fishing tackle, personal gear and we recommend one lantern for addtional lighting.

VIP Cabin: These fly in outposts offer you hot and cold running water in the kitchen and indoor shower. Toilets remane outhouses. This VIP cabin also has a generator for electic lights and small appliances. These generators should NOT be relied on for ANY equipment used for MEDICAL reasons.